Being Human-The Owner's Manual


Awareness- who you are : the observer : the witness

Attention- The focus of awareness

Creation Mode- when the body can use any surplus energy, above what is needed to survive, to create a life of your choosing

Doing- achieving your intention through your own action

Ego- the state of being completely identified with your thoughts; Believing your thoughts are who you are

Feelings-  sensations in your body :  can be caused by thoughts : are emoted from the body into the physical universe to create :  can trigger more thoughts

Intent- using your will to focus your attention on achieving a chosen goal or purpose.

Love- the movement of energy in the direction of One-ness

Not-Doing- The act of waiting till the appropriate time for Doing

Survival Mode- when the body shuts down all non-vital functions to conserve enough energy for the functions it needs to survive

The Awakening- When a critical mass of humans have learned how to focus their attention, find their way to The Silence, and connect with the "I Am" consciousness, which is The Source of all Truth

The InnerNet- The Source of all Truth, that humans connect to when they awaken

The Now- The sacred portal of presence and observation, where we witness what happens..

The Ultimate Truth- there is only one of us

Thoughts- bubbles of energy that seem to appear inside the head area of your human body : they can contain just words, or pictures, or mini-videos, or all of the above

Will- the commitment and use of your energy to complete a task

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