Turn Your Airpods Into Hearing Aids

If you find yourself in need of some help with your hearing, you already own Apple Airpods Pro (must be Airpods Pro, regular Airpods won't work), and you don't want to pay thousands of dollars per ear for hearing aids that may not work that well, this is for you!

In just a few minutes, you can turn your Airpods Pro into hearing aids that, for me, are better than the "real" expensive hearing aids. I speak from the experience of trying both. I've also tried some of the new, fairly affordable, over-the-counter hearing aids. They do make everything louder, but not necessarily at the frequencies where you are deficient.

The Airpods are better for me because I can tune them to my particular hearing needs, they're affordable (a couple hundred bucks), I get all the features of the Airpods, like music and phone calls, and the other humans don't know that I'm wearing hearing aids! They just think I'm one of the cool kids!

Here is a quick tutorial to help you set them up.

I did the setup on an Apple iPhone 12 with Airpods Pro


Click the settings button on your iPhone

Click Accessibility

Click Airpods

Click Audio Accessibility Settings

Click Headphone Accommodations

At this point, you should start talking to yourself, so you can hear the changes as you make them. (People will think your weird, but it will be worth it to be able to hear again)

Or you can just listen to your significant other. (They are probably already talking anyway...)

Click to turn on Headphone Accomodations

Click Brightness

Move the slider to Strong

Click Phone to apply hearing correction to your phone calls

On this same page, click Transparency Mode at the bottom

Click to turn on Custom Transparency Mode

Set the Amplification slider to your preferred volume level (you should still be talking to yourself) (start with 3/4)

Move the Tone slider left and right till you can hear the best (this is where you are customizing the Airpods to your particular hearing loss)

Click to turn on Conversation Boost (This tells the Airpods to focus on a person talking in front of you)