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The Ride Into The Future Continues...
     Welcome to a journey into the future with The Norris Brothers Band across America's historic Route 66, where we've finally figured out how to live in harmony with each other and Mother Earth. The journey begins with a nostalgic "Ride On Route 66", then lands us in the future with  "Route 66 Is Alive Again!" On this second track, we've made it to a future with a booming Green-energy-based economy, electric Harleys and a high speed maglev train that brought Route 66 back to life! With the release of the third single "Ease The Disease", we discovered the cause and cure for disease. On the latest release, "The Owners", the plot thickens, and we discover the real enemy that has kept us separated, to prevent us from reaching our true potential. The Route 66 album will continue with signature Norris Brothers feel-good tunes, and will be released one song at a time as the ride and the stories unfold, with a full album release at the end of the journey. Join us.
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Being Human-The Owner's Manual For Your Life On Planet Earth

While on our adventure through the future, we just found this "Owner's Manual" for human life on Planet Earth. Check it out!

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